Who We Are

Prime Petals is a one stop shop for all your floral needs. We are a boutique importer of premium flowers from around the world. You won’t find any red tape here. We act fast, work fast, and deliver fast! Have an impossible order to fill - and need it yesterday? Of course you do!

Ever wonder how your competitor filled that order for the impossible bride you met with, but didn’t get the job because the other guy was able to find the flowers and still make sense of the budget? Simple! He called us! We got everything he needed and saved a bundle. He was sitting by the beach sipping margaritas while we made sure everything was 100% covered. When was the last time you got to sit by the beach and sip margaritas??

We are Prime Petals – the other guys’ secret weapon!

What We Do

At Prime Petals we strive to reinvent the traditional customer -supplier relationship.

Here, we make your priorities, our priorities. Our goal is to be here for you, period.

Is it 6:30pm and a bride needs to know right now what shades of lavender roses are available in November?

No problem!

Call my cell phone, you’ll have the number.

Finally, you are no longer at the mercy of your local guys’ short hours and high prices.

Let Prime Petals give you the edge you need to succeed!